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Apple Vision Pro Did it again!

Embark on a mind-bending journey with the Apple Vision Pro, where reality and technology seamlessly converge. Picture this: I found myself in awe as I played virtual DJ, effortlessly manipulating records with a cross-fade knob and conjuring special effects with a wave of my hands. Connecting my MacBook to supersize its display on the wall felt like magic, pinning apps to my desk surroundings – a testament to Apple's vision of spatial computing.

But the jaw-dropping moment arrived when I experienced a 3D spatial video featuring my three dogs, bringing a whole new dimension to emotional immersion. And let's not forget the cinematic delight of watching regular 3D movies on Apple TV+, rivaling the charm of local theaters.

Yet, this revolutionary Apple Vision Pro, with its eye and hand-tracking interface, isn't without quirks. A peculiar digital Persona version may unexpectedly join your FaceTime calls. With a hefty starting price of $3,500, it's a luxury for affluent early adopters. Nevertheless, it stands as Apple's most innovative product in over a decade, offering a glimpse into the future of computing and entertainment packaged in sleek brilliance. Dive into the surreal and futuristic experience, embracing the pros and cons of this cutting-edge device.



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